Facial Expression in your Corporate Headshot

One of the things I’m asked a lot when I photograph corporates is “Do you want me to smile?” This is the wrong question! The question is: ‘Do I want to be smiling in my headshot?’ Or, more accurately: ‘What expression is right for my professional image?'   This is definitely something you want to be thinking about before having your... Continue Reading →


Can work really affect our wellbeing?

With the UK’s leading ‘Health and Wellbeing at Work’ event entering its 11th executive year; we at VFI360, explore how work performance, progression and state of mind can be affected by the working environment.   Through the fundamental shift in how companies engage with employees, no longer focusing on broadcasting messages but rather cascading messages,... Continue Reading →

Receive, write, deliver!

This year has started off with an absolute bang and what a start! Finding the right word has been my number one thought every morning! Briefs flying in left, right and centre, wanting a multitude of words in rapid speed, across subjects that need a lot of brain exploration has certainly kept my diary busy!... Continue Reading →

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