Getting to know you!

Writing the first post is always awkward.


Retelling your story feels like a ‘This is Your Life’ moment but without the big red book.  My story is based on that cliché concept ‘do what you love not what you hate’, but in reality this has happened.


I was taught by my mum, that you should always have great work etiquette. Self-satisfaction and verbal praise will always be worth more than a pay cheque.  And this is true.


I have led a colourful working life, dipping into an array of industries including retail, entertainment (cabaret dancing and murder mysteries being  the biggest highlights), to hospitality and professional services.  Each job has been fantastic and has shaped who I am today.  Our family philosophy is ‘that if you don’t like your job; change the role or move on’.


The year I was born, Paul Young released ‘Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home’; this has been my motto for any role I have undertaken.  I may be the new girl but each job is treated like an extension of the family and treated respectively.


Pushing beyond my abilities and always eager to learn more, despite no experience, I have fortunately excelled.


It is this experience through work and life, which has enabled me to launch my own marketing business ‘Make a Cup of Tea’.


I am based at home, working all sorts of hours depending on the project coming in.  Great for saving on childcare (for four!) but not so great when the stack of washing is constantly staring at you.


I travel around the country to see my clients, having tea (and coffee) at various motorway stops and quirky cafes. Meetings are great in curing cabin fever!


I now have insights into industries that were previously obsolete.  Even my Dad could not have predicted my newly founded knowledge of priming and etching a car (the preparation of your substrate is key to a great finish!) – just one industry that was beyond my brain capacities!  I have worked on video scripts, prospect list generation, reviewing marketing materials and have even provided 144 cupcake descriptions and 250 tweets in one go – believe me these were challenging tasks!


My role is so varied that each time my phone buzzes with the special Make a Cup of Tea email beep, I wonder which project awaits me.


Being self-employed is always a gamble and wages are never consistent but that self-satisfaction which my mum said was key to any role, is definitely worth more than any job amount.  That one email review or those few words of praise, allows my fiancee and I to look at each other and say ‘yes, this is exactly why I am doing what I am doing and at this particular time’.  Without that recognition what is a job really worth?


If at 15, someone said you would be self-employed, running your own marketing business, engaged to a woman and have four children before the age of 33 – I think I would’ve laughed.   I never dreamed of having my own business, never mind being engaged to a woman and having four children in a tiny village.  Oh the scandal – but what an exciting life we lead now!  Both my fiancee and I have taken a dramatic cut in our wages; she, working part-time and me from home but we have never been so happy.  We watch our children grow, we attend school assemblies, our kids can go to multiple after school activities and we are able to socialise – all for under £35k a year!




I cannot predict the future but what I do know is that we are incredibly lucky where we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it.  It works for us and more importantly, it works for our family.  Take every job as if it’s your first and remember the value of the role and not of the pay cheque, you never know where those skills will take you in days to come.


This blog site wasn’t set up just to share insights and expertise but about giving others, an opportunity to share their industry passions, their talent for writing and giving them a platform to voice an opinion – a collection of different thoughts across different industries.


My only advice to our readers – always make a cup of tea before reading!


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