Receive, write, deliver!

This year has started off with an absolute bang and what a start!

Finding the right word has been my number one thought every morning!

Briefs flying in left, right and centre, wanting a multitude of words in rapid speed, across subjects that need a lot of brain exploration has certainly kept my diary busy!

But how do I stay on top and ensure that all copy is delivered on time or better still ahead of the looming deadline?

I don’t panic – The worse thing I could do, especially if I have a stack of projects, is panic as it will undoubtedly, reflect in my writing. A rushed brain equals disastrous content! Instead, I take a big breath and list everything I have on that day and note the deadlines – seeing it on paper is a fantastic remedy!

I always prioritize – As mentioned, lists are my best friends! They are everywhere in my office/house and from these lists I can instantly see what needs doing and at what time – this makes it easier to see what job I have on, when I can do it and how long it will take to complete.

I am always honest – If I do not understand a brief or feel that I need extra information to complete a job, I will always ask my client for clarification. Otherwise, not only will I be wasting my time trying to work out the terminology but I will be wasting my client’s time and their budget is not at my disposal!

I’ve learned to say no – It is not always an easy task to say no to a job, especially when you’re first starting out, but there is absolutely no point in agreeing to a project if you cannot deliver it. I have never said yes to a project that I cannot deliver but I have said no, on a few occasions, to projects that although may result in a lovely invoice, is beyond my expertise.

I take breaks – Working from home has its advantages, depending on how you look at those advantages. I use catching up on house chores (mostly washing in a house of 6!) as my excuse for a brain rest. Coffee and pots of fruit also help rejuvenate my thinking!

I love being busy but there is also a great satisfaction after a 10-15-hour day, when sitting down to watch yet another episode of House (my fiancée’s and I’s current obsession), knowing that I have managed to tick off another project before it was due!

The smallest tasks are often the greatest achievements!

Article written by: Emma Williamson
Owner of: Make a Cup of Tea


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